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1 on 1 Training

30 minutes: $32.50
60 minutes: $47.50

FRST STRENGTH Trainers are Nationally and Internationally Accredited Certified Fitness Professionals that have worked with a wide variety of people.  We are caring, understanding, and motivating people that put you 1st. Your goals are our priority and together we will find the best version of you. Let's start your journey today.


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Nutrition&Meal Planning

Proper nutrition is the corner stone to any successful exercise program.  Have you ever heard that Abs are made in the kitchen? Well through 1st hand experience I will tell you that it is true.  Whether your trying to lose weight, gain weight, maintain or learn how to make sound choices that will lead to a healthier you, we are here to help.  

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30 minutes: $30.00
60 minutes: $45.00

Maybe your a lineman trying to improve your bench press, squat and dead lift.  Maybe your a point guard that wants to improve their footwork.  Possibly your a goalie that wants to be quicker, while taking up more space in the net.  Whatever your goal is I can help prepare you.  As an athlete myself, I appreciate the dedication and consistency required to be an athlete.  I also recall the importance of my own strength and conditioning coach.  I will hold you accountable. I will inspire, motivate, and encourage you on your journey to becoming the athlete you set out to become!

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Online sessions

30-60 minutes: $32.50-$47.50 per hour

We are constantly on the Go. LOTS of us may not have the time we need to truly dedicate to a gym membership.  We drive there, talk with the desk associates, talk some more, hit the locker room, change, train, (talk some more)  shower, change, then finally drive home. WHERE did the last 2.5 hours go?  Sound familiar? Top that with relationships and careers to manage, so we stop going the gym and we let ourselves go. Now, as simple as sending a text message you can grab a workout at home, in the office, yard, basement, attic and the list goes on.  Just send me your contact info so we can begin talking about a convenient program offered 1 on 1 through zoom or other video aps.  If you can't make your appointment you can watch the recorded session tailored for you.  It's not a universal recording, it's a session that was made for you by your trainer at a fraction of all other online workouts

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45 minutes: $8.00-$10.00

Fitness classes are a fun affordable way to get the experience of working with a certified professional.  FRST STRENGTH @TBS offers a fitness Class Monday-Friday.  

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH:  Created by Co-Owner and ISSA Certified Professional Ryan Trusevitch.  Functional Strength is a fun, and effective fitness class that focuses on improving our daily functional strength, and fitness.  Strength training has been proven to reduce pain, prevent injuries, improve posture, build strength, and confidence.  All fitness levels welcome.   All you need to do is bring the body.  Monday & Friday 9:15-10AM: SPOTS OPEN

STRENGTH 45: Created By B.A. in Kineseology, and CPT Steven Ferry Strength 45 is the best show in town.  It is a full body strength training class that is sure to leave you feeling great.  We crank the music to 160BPM and try to keep our tempo according the beat.

Tuesday&Thursday 5:15

"THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" Come along and try our bi weekly yoga class held every other Saturday.  Yoga will help you increase mobility, & flexibility, while improving stability, and gaining strength.  

Every other Saturday at 8AM: $20 per person


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