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Open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday(by appointment only) 

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"After working with Ryan for 9 months I am far stronger and more fit than I was 20 years ago. Ryan listens to my goals and creates a fitness program tailored to my personal needs. He carefully considers my limitations/injuries and can alter plans to avoid aggravation/re injury while still hitting the target areas. I have learned so much from his knowledge of exercise science, as as a result I feel 100 percent more confident in what exercises to do, and how to do them safely, when walking into a gym with free weights and equipment. I highly recommend giving personal training with Ryan and the First Strength family a try." 



"Working with Ryan has been amazing. Both my wife and I are working with him, and not only can he adjust the plan to meet each of our needs/goals/abilities, but in a short period of time I can already see both my strength and endurance improving. He is encouraging, ensures we are in proper form to avoid injury and is a great motivator; without being overbearing. I/we highly recommend Ryan as a personal trainer."


"I have been working with Steve since October and I really enjoy the workouts he puts me through.  I played sports my entire life and I found this to be a great replacement in my working life. I meet with Steve once a week and attend two Strength 45 classes each week.  The trainers at FRST Strength push me to a limit that I would not reach otherwise."


Pall Off Press

Stability Ball Plank


Incline Shoulder Taps

SIngle Leg Deadlifts(Focus On Eccentric)

1 Arm Cable Row

 Decline Push ups

Straight Arm Hangs